Book review: A Dragonfly’s Purpose

A Dragonfly’s Purpose is a book beautifully written by the Dr. Sujata Sharma, a professor in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. She also involve in research and teaching, along with the active family and social life. Nobody can say that she had suffered with a rare autoimmune disease, Guillain Barre Syndrome. She not only fight back to this disease, but she maintain herself in very mannered way after that which ended spectacularly with her finally winning a trophy with her departmental team in the first-ever ‘AIIMS Got talent’. In her book, "A Dragonfly’s Purpose" she describe how she encounter all the obstacles with the help of her doctors, family and colleagues, during her suffering days. It is really motivating for everyone and everyone should read it. In her quest towards discovering inner strength, she found her life’s purpose to be similar to a dragonfly’s purpose, which is to live fully in the moment and perform to its best ability despite the limitations that are imposed by destiny.

A Dragonfly’s Purpose is one of the rare books that combine wisdom, psychology, and practical suggestions on how to find inner yourself and manage numerous things like a pro. This book is packed with real-life experiences and described beautifully that if you want to beat something you need to great will power and believe in yourself first. And she don't limit herself to describe about her disease in this book but she also narrated beautifully the family love, and the managing skills of a working women. As we face life difficulties, the author of this book suggest, having faith in ourselves is not enough, emotional and family support is equally important.

Even though this book is self-help-oriented and academic, written with compassion.

Overall, A Dragonfly’s Purpose is an inspiring, refreshing, and hopeful book recommended for anyone who confronts challenging life problems and desires to have a satisfying relationship with themselves.

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