We are a group of researchers in the field of life science with extensive experience in the area of biotechnology. We dedicate ourselves to nature, and biotechnology to aware people of new changing technological advancements and changes in biotechnology, we also bring nature facts and news to the people and more dedicated toward saving our planet.

Since 2018, We regularly organize the tutorial sessions at low cost or free of cost in various areas of life science and research. Lots of people benefited from our session till now.


Meet The Team

Shivam kumar

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CEO and Founder

Editor in chief, Researcher

M.Tech (Biotechnology)

Amaresh mishra

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Ph.D. scholar (Cancer biology)

Writer, Blogger

M.Tech (Biotechnology)

James Doe

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Writer, Managerial role, Blogger, M.Tech (Biotechnology) with research experience

Desert in Dark

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