A interview with Dr. Sujata Sharma, the author of A Dragonfly's Purpose

A Dragonfly's Purpose (2019) is an uplifting and inspirational book written by Dr. Sujata Sharma, about her tumultuous journey of overcoming an autoimmune disorder. I recently read her book & got inspired very much and requested her for the interview. She is really kind and inspirational. She wrote a book previously also named The Secret of the Red Crystals (2017). It was her first book, and it was research oriented. Presenting bellow Q&A is part of the interview.

Q1. How you will review your both books out of ten?

Even though my books have got a lot of appreciation from all the readers, I feel that I still have a long way to go in terms of writing. I am learning every day. I would rate ‘The Secret of Red Crystals’ 7/10 and ‘A Dragonfly’s Purpose’ 8/10.

Q2. From where you got this much great writing skill?

Ever since I was a child, I used to write my diary every day. I used to note down every event of the day and my thoughts about them. I used to confront my fears, my dreams, my aspirations and my failures. Also, I was an introvert. So, I would read a lot of books. Instead of going out to play, I would be mostly sequestered in my room, reading and writing. Somewhere along the way, I realized that I could write my thoughts down and publish books.

Q3. What you miss or want to add-on in your writing skill?

I wish I had more time to write. Being a busy professor in the Department of Biophysics, AIIMS, I have a lot of responsibilities which leaves very little time for me to pursue my writing. Yet, I try to squeeze in as much time as possible, because writing calms me down. It is like meditation, in which my mind becomes still and focused like a clear forest pond.

Q4. What is the best compliment/reaction you got for your book?

The best compliment I got for my book was when I had requested Prof Randeep Guleria, the Director of AIIMS, New Delhi to launch my first book ‘The Secret of Red Crystals’. Prof Guleria is the busiest person that I know, since he has to shoulder numerous responsibilities at an international level. Not only did he agree to launch it, but to my surprise and delight, he had read the book from beginning to end. In his speech, he made several relevant points about my writing skills and the content of the book. That moment was the most significant moment in my writing career, as it served as a catalyst to inspire me to write more.

Q5. When we will expect your next book?

I am already working on my next book. Just like my other two books, it is autobiographical in nature. It describes my journey and experiences during the Covid times, with special references to some very interesting covid warriors that I have met on the way. They are mostly resident doctors that are frontline workers who are fighting this pandemic, almost like soldiers on the borders. I have weaved interesting stories about each of them, which will inspire and motivate others.

Q6. What you will choose if you have only one choice either be a writer or professor?

Given only one choice, I would choose to be a Professor of Biophysics. That is because science will always remain my first love and biggest passion. Science has defined me as a person, and given a direction to my aimless life.

Q7. If someone wants to write a book, what you want to suggest to them?

I have only one suggestion for first time writers, that is : Just follow your heart. Your heart will guide you well. If you have something to say, then just sayit. Life is too short and it would get over too quickly. So do not waste more time in procrastinating. Just start now, with confidence and enthusiasm.

Q8. As a Professor and a Mother, how you manage your time for your writing skills?

It has not been easy to manage my time between the various responsibilities that I have. I take each responsibility very seriously. I know that I have to give my best to everything. When I am writing a book, I aim to write a minimum number of words every day, say between 1000 to 1500 words daily. Depending on what the day brings, I manage to write that much and sometimes more. Thankfully, I am not a very social person and hence I do not waste any time in social activities. I usually decline most invitations, preferring to meet only a couple of friends occasionally.

Q9. As we all know that you maintained yourself as very fit and young. Please tell us the secret?

I believe in eating very simple meals. My diet contains no sugar, very little salt and oil. My meals are mostly balanced with the right amounts of proteins and fiber. I do not get any time for exercise, except walking. I believe in ageing gracefully, and do not subscribe to any fad diets or harsh treatments. Being positive and keeping away from negativity helps a lot.

Q10. There are many people suffering from different types of cancers, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. These people have to live their lifestyle with pain. What message you will give to motivate them?

My only message to them would be to be gracious and grateful, and do not let pessimism cloud their senses. It is easy to feel sorry for oneself and it is easier to feel hopeless and victimized. However, one must accept that this pain has been given to us for a higher purpose, and we must understand how we can contribute in countless ways even in the state that we are in. We all are living for a short time on this earth, some leave a little earlier and some leave a little later. In this short time, we must do as much as possible for others, even when we are in pain.

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